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Delenova Energy Advisors is an advisory division of Delenova Energy, LLC that provides consulting and support to energy sector stakeholders in order to arrive at the most feasible decision or plan. We have successfully advised energy planners, system operators, power producers, market analysts, utilities, industrial plants, financial institutions, electrical resource developers, electricity end users, technical task groups, power plant engineers, educational institutions, energy regulators, technology developers, equipment manufacturers, electrical system engineers, and power system operators and controllers. Other advising roles that we have performed include conducting worldwide training and workshop sessions, supporting public entities on energy-related privatization and de-regulations efforts, and overall project management.

Our experience covers a wide spectrum of clients in the USA, China, India, Jordan, Tunisia, Ghana, Argentina, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Great Britain, Indonesia, South Korea, and Canada.

Energy advising services offered include:

  • Engineering and market due diligence assessments for existing plants
  • Identification of power plant development opportunities
  • Evaluation of transmission interconnection strategies
  • Performing details electrical network analysis
  • Development of solutions for market access
  • Evaluating current energy regulations and market structure
  • Determining operation and control strategies including unit dispatching
  • Preparation of technical and engineering evaluation reports and presentations
  • Evaluation of power plant re-powering and expansion
  • Evaluation of Electrical network reliability and security
  • Defining solutions to transmission network congestions
  • Evaluation of inter and intra-regional interconnection schemes
  • Reviewing Energy Management System (EMS) structures
  • Assistance data acquisition and measurement protocols as part of real time control
  • Determining cost estimates for engineering plans

We also utilize a wide range of long term relationships with highly regarded engineering and AE firms in the energy sector that we can bring as part of a team to ensure high quality deliverables.

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